Break Free From Competition, Comparison, and Jealousy To Create An Exhilarating Life Of Impact


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Anointed Field of Favor Course

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October 23, 2021

Do You Struggle To Feel Like You're Not Enough And Don't Measure Up?

Friend, have you found yourself in a season where you feel like you’re constantly coming up short and being reminded that you’re just not enough?

Not Enough:

For Your Spouse

For Your Kids

In Your Health

With Your Friends

In your finances

With Your Time

And to make matters worse …

You kind of feel like you’re the only one. From the outside looking in, it seems like all the other moms are crushing their goals, loving their kids well, and consistently dating their husband.

If you’re honest, it kind of makes you want to either vomit or cry hysterically. You want to break free but just don’t know how.


And You Think To Yourself, “They’re lying … That’s not even possible.”

There’s also a part of you that knows this isn’t the truth.

Surely you’re not the only woman, wife, and mom who knows that they were made for more but can’t seem to figure out how to get there … because you’ve tried.

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort into personal development and your experience tells you that in order to win in one area of life another has to suffer.

Your experience tells you that what you’re seeing isn’t even possible, right?

Yet, in those mixed emotions something tells you that it is possible, and you hate the fact that you’ve judged these women in an attempt to push aside the thoughts that it might be true that you’re just not enough.

Your Problem Isn't The Problem

Your time in personal development tells you that you just need to “stay the course” and be more disciplined. Ultimately … you tell yourself that “trying harder” is the answer to your problems. But here’s the problem friend, you’ll never get to where you want to go by trying harder.

Take a moment and think about your dream ....

A life with:

More intimacy in marriage

More fun with your kids

Creating time for self care

Friends that fill your cup and encourage your dreams

Being more disciplined, creating better routines, setting better boundaries …. can all be part of the solution but they themselves ARE NOT THE SOLUTION. Friend, give yourself permission to step off the exhausting, shame filled carousel of life that comes from trying harder and doing better.

The Real Problem …

The real problem is that you’ve created a state of mind that will keep you stuck.

When the majority of your thoughts are centered around comparison, competition, and jealousy it will always create anxiety, overwhelm and doubt.

And these emotions will ALWAYS produce fear which steals all of your energy because you’re always fighting to survive. It’s impossible to make good decisions from a fearful state of mind, and you’ll always be reacting… which is exhausting.

I Was Exhausted, Burned Out, and Afraid

PRT-in-Danielle Saturday z6-417

I know this to be true because I lived it.

I had success in business but it never seemed enough. At the end of the day there never seemed to be enough time, money or energy.

And that was before kids.

“The chase” was all that I knew, and it created contention in my marriage, a relationship with my kids where they didn’t want to see me, and unyielding pressure from debt.

I knew the results that were waiting for me if I continued down this path:

  • More fights with my husband which could lead to separation or divorce
  • My kids didn’t want to be around me
  • My health suffered
  • My business failed to grow

Friend, some of these ideas might be resonating with you, and I’m delighted to tell you that this is no longer my reality. Everything changed when I discovered the truth.

The Solution: Your Anointed Field of Favor

Operating from a place of competition had me building a life where God never designed for me to build. The further I went down the road of competition I started to see brokenness everywhere. I started to get really curious and wanted to know why people just didn’t tell the truth of what was really happening?

Why did they try to disguise or hide the brokenness?

Here’s what I discovered: they didn’t know what the truth was. This was the best they could do with what they knew.

Friend, it is true that God has an anointed field of favor for you. A place where His yoke is easy, burden is light, and where His truth makes you free. As I stepped into that field and co-labored with God He blessed my life in every area. My marriage was blessed, my kids love being around me, I became the healthiest I’d ever been, and my business took off like a rocket. All of these blessings came with ease, peace, abundance, and rest.

I find myself waking up with an excitement for each day where I feel like I’m making an impact on my home and in the world, and the best part is that when I go to bed I’m looking forward to the newness that comes with tomorrow.

Tell Me About This Sneak Peek

I am creating a course that will walk you through how to overcome competition, comparison, and jealousy so you can walk in your anointed field of favor. This course is not going to be available until 2022 but I’m so excited to get this information out to you that I’m giving you a sneak peak while we’re recording the content.

On October 23, 2021, the Moms on Missions team will be recording the Anointed Field of Favor Course, and sharing with you how to break free from competition, comparison, and jealousy to create an exhilarating life of abundance, peace, and joy.

What You Will Learn

  • Your field doesn’t just bless you and your family. It blesses everyone who comes in contact with you
  • You’ll absolutely love operating in your field of favor. It’s fun, adventurous, and fulfilling
  • You’re just a few mindset shifts away from living an abundant life
  • Your beliefs really do have EVERYTHING to do with the life you live

We haven’t finalized the future price of the course, but it will most likely be priced around $1,000. Because I’m so excited for your breakthrough, I’m giving you access to watch the live filming for just $97.

Along with the sneak peek of the course content, the Moms on Missions coaches will be having a live Q&A session where no question is off limits. We’re passionate about helping you live this life today instead of waiting for 2022.

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  • 60 minute Q&A with MOMS (… nothing is off limits!)


In Person Behind The Scenes Experience

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  • 60 minute Q&A with MOMS (… nothing is off limits!)
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Meet the MOMS Coaches


Danielle Fenster


Danielle has been married for eight years and is the mother of four amazing children. Her past beliefs held her as a prisoner to debt and a slave to her business. She is an executive business and money coach who believes nothing is impossible. She partners faith with the mind and thought life to get her clients supernatural results.


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Karidon Roundy


Karidon is a wife and mom of soon to be three. She’s lived a life filled with comparison and not being good enough. She’s committed to transforming homes and the minds of parents who battle with the mundane burdens of day to day life and helping teen girls step into their full potential without the worldly moodiness, stress and anxiety..


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Katie Hermann


Katie is a wife, boy mom of 4 and coach to women overcoming emotional overwhelm. She knows what it’s like to battle paralyzing anxiety, guilt and dread for each new day. After learning how to walk in the freedom of the Kingdom, she now thrives in her faith, family and friendships and leads other women to experience the same freedom!



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Kelsey Murdoch

Kelsey has been married to her husband for 10 years and is a mother of three incredible children. She found coaching in a moment when she was packing a bag to abandon her family and it has changed everything. She is a master level mindset coach that specializes in partnering with the Holy Spirit to release trauma blocks, addiction recovery, and harnessing the power of emotion to create the future you desire. Nothing is impossible!

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Featuring Guest Coach Joani Rayl

Joani Rayl

As a high level Covenant Coach, Joani Rayl specializes in helping her clients uncover the obstacles preventing them from fulfilling the destiny God has designed for their lives so they can unlock their highest potential & advance God’s Kingdom! With a desire to see women thrive in their relationships, she works to encourage empower & equip them to design a Godly marriage that honors both husband & wife.

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